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Whatever the cause of the injury, the final pathological and physiological process is basically oxidative damage-Dr. Denham Harman, University of California, Berkeley.

The effect can be felt within 1 week with our Hydrogen Gas Inhalers:

1st: Improve energy, reduce fatigue.
2nd: Improve the quality of sleep. More easier to fall asleep and sleep deeper.
3rd: Make the gastrointestinal tract healthier and promote constipation.

The effect that female can see within 2 months:

1st: Alleviate dysmenorrhea.

2nd: Improve the quality of menstruation.
3rd: Improve complexion and make female more beautiful.

Effects on different populations:

For students: Improve the concentration, improve learning ability.
For the elderly: Improve a variety of chronic diseases, improve immunity.
For office workers: Improve sub-health, improve the quality of sleep.
For outdoor workers: Reduce the sun damage, reduce air pollution on the human body damage.
For athletes: Reduce sports injuries, reduce muscle soreness.


Note: If you use our hydrogen Inhaler for a period of time according to our instructions, but have no improvement for your body, we are willing to refund your money.
Hydrogen can improve the cellular health, making the cells live longer and stay healthier.

Hydrogen can increase the germination rate of seeds, make plants grow more vigorously, increase yield, which fruit taste better.

Hydrogen can reduce the incidence of disease in animals, reduce bacterial infections, reduce the use of drugs to make animals healthier.

Hydrogen Gas Inhalers

The mechanism of action of hydrogen

Selective anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, only eliminate harmful free radicals

Most human diseases are related to oxidation and inflammation.

Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that is selective for free radicals. Hydrogen can only clear harmful free radicals, but doesn't affect the free radicals that useful to the human body, this characteristic has been called "Selective antioxidant".  Many diseases and peroxide are caused by the accumulation of peroxide in the body during the daily metabolic process. Hydrogen kills peroxide without side effects.

The greatest advantage of hydrogen's antioxidant is its selectivity. Other substances such as vitamin C can also scavenge free radicals, but without selectivity, excessive intake will also remove some of the free radicals beneficial to the human body, so there is a dose limit to vitamin intake.

Activating endogenous antioxidant system

Hydrogen is very good at regulating the antioxidant activity of NRF2 cells.  It’s well known that eating more broccoli, kale, and other vegetables is good for health, because they’re rich in sulforaphane, which activates the antioxidant functions of NRF2 cells that same as hydrogen.

Improve the state of cells in various parts of the body, and enhance immunity

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in nature. When hydrogen enters the human body, it can easily pass through many obstacles to reach the inside of the cell and improve its state. This is something that many drugs, vitamins, Tea Polyphenols and others don't have, because their molecules are too big, much bigger than hydrogen molecules, to reach the inside of the cell. And because hydrogen is so diffusible, it can reach all parts of the body, not just to help one organ heal, but to improve a whole range of organ functions. That's why when people use hydrogen to treat one disease, it can help heal many others at same time.

Hydrogen can activate the expression of anti-aging factor SIRT, which proves that hydrogen plays an important role in anti-aging.

Hydrogen acts as a scavenger in the body. The intake of hydrogen has an inestimable effect on the recovery of many human diseases.

Many papers and results have been published on the improvement of hydrogen on tumour and cancer both in China and worldwide.

Hydrogen Gas Inhalers

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