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In 1789, a renowned French chemists Antoine Lavoisier and Céguin used hydrogen as a breathing medium in animal experiments and concluded that hydrogen was very, very safe for animals. In the last 200 years, there has never been a case of hydrogen being unsafe for humans.

Hydrogen Is An Endogenous Gas in the Intestine

In 1969, a American, Levitt, has published a paper in New Engl J Med reporting that our coliform bacteria produced hydrogen every day, and that hydrogen accounted for 74% of the total gas produced by our coliform bacteria. Interestingly, in many people who live long lives, their gut bacteria are much more capable of producing hydrogen gas than the average person. Japanese scientists have found that the intestinal flora of centenarians is three times more capable of producing hydrogen than the general population.

Hydrogen Is Often Used in Diving

Hydrogen has been used in diving for more than 80 years since 1937. Comex of France in 1992 used the Oxyhydrogen to dive more than 700 meters and stay for 14 days. There are many other experiments can confirm very clearly that even high pressure hydrogen gas inhaled for many days but has no toxic side effects to the human body, and the intake of hydrogen at normal pressure is less than 1/10,000 of it, so hydrogen is very, very, very safe for humans.

There Are Many Legends of Healing Waters and Magical Waters

The most famous examples are the Nordenau Cave Spring in Germany and the Lourdes Spring in France. These springs have cured many people of all sorts of diseases. More than one million people from more than 100 countries come to visit the springs each year. In a series of studies, scientists in Japan and Germany have shown that the basic reason for the healing power of spring water is that it is rich in hydrogen, which is why it does not work once the water is taken from the region, because it’s so easy for hydrogen to escape.

Hydrogen Can Be Used as A Food Additive

Hydrogen can be used as a food additive, which has been approved in China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and many other countries, even without dose limits, so hydrogen is very safe for the human body, like sports, drinking water.

Hydrogen Gas Inhalers

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