• Hydrogen Gas Inhalers
  • Hydrogen Gas Inhalers
The value of hydrogen for the protective effect of the brain
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Cerebral apoplexy is one of the highest mortality diseases, once the attack is often life-threatening, many patients even if the rescue is timely, but also may be due to the necrosis of brain cells appear hemiplegia, aphasia and other physical dysfunction.

What does it mean that our study found that inhaling hydrogen significantly reduced the size of the infarct? It means that when you suck up hydrogen in the event of a cerebrovascular problem, more brain cells will survive. Brain cells are very important for human body function. Each brain region is responsible for certain body functions. The more brain cells survive, the greater the probability of survival.

It is more likely that the patient would have been completely paralyzed and ended up hemiplegic because of the hydrogen protection, or it could have been hemiplegic and ended up with mild limb dysfunction after hydrogen inhalation.